What is Loop?

Loop Energy Saver helps you cut your bills and save money every year. It shows you the energy you use straight to your PC, tablet and smartphone. It shows you how much your electricity and gas costs and sends you the best deals based on your actual consumption, week in, week out.

1Cut Your Bills

See your energy in real-time and save

Do you really know what energy you use and how much your appliances cost to run? The real-time Loop Energy Saver monitors make it easy to see your electricity and gas usage so you can control and save.

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2Get Best Tariff

Best energy tariffs calculated for you

Never pay over the odds for your energy again. Energy tariffs soon go out of date so Loop calculates the best deal for you, all year round, based on your actual energy use.

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Switch your energy supplier hassle-free

Being independent, we will not sell you energy, we are here to help you save and get the best deals. Integrated with uSwitch, switching through Loop is very simple and trouble-free.

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What do you get?

The Loop Energy Saver service includes the Loop electricity and gas monitoring kit and access to your personal energy data through your online Loop account.

Loop Service

Your online Loop service can be accessed in a browser or via a free iOS and Android app which includes:

  • Realtime electricity and gas usage
  • Live energy spend
  • Automatic tariff tracker
  • Access to all your historical consumption
  • Weekly personalised energy reports

Best in Class Monitoring

Market leading energy monitor – independently tested.

Easy Self-installation

Loop is easily installed - no tools or batteries are required. The Electricity Monitor simply clips around your meter cable and the Gas Monitor sticks on to your meter.

Watch Loop in 60 seconds


“ I previously used a monitor from one of the Big 6 energy companies. Loop Energy Saver is far better; I can see at any time how much energy is being used by simply using the Loop App on my mobile. It was a simple task to install and it is simple to use. ”

Jane Kirk


“ I'm so pleased that I bought my Loop Energy Saver. I have had it for three weeks and it has been really useful, and also amazingly entertaining. I have been posting graphs for my friends on Mumsnet and lots of them are now buying your monitors too. ”


See it and save it

“ I estimate that my Loop Energy Saver will have paid for itself in less than three months, by saving on my gas usage. My spending on gas has now declined by more than a third and this means I am on track to save about £300 per year, or about £25 per month. Totally amazing results! ”

Stephen A

See it and save it

“ I was shocked when I got my first quarterly electricity bill in my new flat for £300! Knowing which appliances used the largest amounts of electricity meant I was able to limit my usage. The next quarterly bill was down to £99! Thanks to Loop Energy Saver I am saving over £200 on my bill! ”

Linda Fohlin

Best deals come to you

“ Loop Energy Saver sends me regular notifications of different tariffs I can switch to. I saw a deal come up with my current provider that could save me £250 per year, so I clicked the button and swapped immediately. Loop Energy Saver has more than paid for itself. ”

Brendon A

Best deals come to you

“ When my energy renewal came along Loop Energy Saver helped my shave a hefty £300 from my yearly bill. Loop is indispensable, it has saved me loads! ”

Leane Laken


“ Loop Energy Saver has been the best device ever. I can see just how much money I have spent at any time and this helps me to keep within my budget, and also get the best deals that are on the market. I have reduced my monthly bill from £145.00 to £81.00. Thank you Loop for helping me to keep my bills at a manageable rate. ”

Gillian W


“ I chose Loop Energy Saver after comparing many different energy monitors around the web. I was particularly impressed by the very positive ‘Best Buy’ awarded by Which. Installation was quick and easy and Customer Support was very helpful. My gas and electricity costs have fallen by £140! Well done Loop Energy Saver, and keep up the good work! ”

Steve A

45 Day Money Back Guarantee

We have designed Loop Energy Saver to make sure you save money, hassle free, on your energy bills.

We are so confident that Loop will save you money, we are offering a 45 day no quibble money back guarantee.

If for any reason you don’t want to keep Loop Energy Saver within the first 45 days of use, all we ask is that you return the product to us and on receipt we will refund you in full. We make it easy to return the Loop kit and will provide all the details you need, just contact our customer services team.

Everyone can save with Loop Energy Saver! So there really is nothing to lose to start saving on your energy bill.


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